Companies in Poland

Setting up and selling companies in Poland
Our company currently sells registered shelf limited liability companies. These are companies registered in Poland which have not yet had any business activity. All such companies are recorded in the court register and have tax numbers. After buying such a company, it is possible to begin business activity the very next day […]

LLC Companies made to measure
CONDUCTING BUSINESS ACTIVITY REQUIRES CHOOSING A LEGAL FORM, OBJECT OF ACTIVITY, AND A FIELD OF ACTIVITY OF THE COMPANY. If you have not yet decided in what form you want to do business, leave it to us and we will help you find the optimal solution and build your company from the ground up […]

Limited partnerships
IN ORDER TO IMPROVE TAX OPTIMIZATION AND BOOSTING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF BUSINESS ACTIVITY, WE SPECIALIZE IN SETTING UP LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS. A limited partnership, especially one where an LLC is a general partner, is very helpful when planning a business. We make it available for every partner in a limited partnership, to file taxes individually, which makes it possible to avoid double taxation, when it comes to income tax […]

Joint stock companies
To conduct business of a larger scale, we suggest a joint stock company. We sell shelf companies, as well as create brand new ones. We specialize in converting other commercial law companies into joint stock companies. We prepare the company’s articles of association and all the other documentation required for company registration and the issue of shares. We do all the application and registration and we are present throughout the entire course of the company’s formation. […]